Ender Utilities

Ender Utilities is a popular, commendable mod created by masa. The mod has several utility type items and blocks. Most of these center around ender-related mechanics, such as teleportation, remote access and extended storage capabilities. The mod was started as a part of Modjam 4 modding event.

Currently the mod includes these items:

  • Ender Arrows
  • Ender Bow
  • Ender Bucket
  • Ender Lasso
  • Ender Pearl (re-usable)
  • Mob Harness

Items/blocks that will be included in the future to this mod are Ender Furnance and Ender Bag

More in-depth description and instructions can be found in the Ender Utilities Minecraft Forum thread.

This mod was also covered in Modded News by BevoLJ